SUSE Linux, s.r.o.

Automotive Lighting, s.r.o.

Italian manufacturer of car lights who supplies most European car manufacturers with its top products. 



Mikroelektronika, s.r.o.
Czech producer of specialty electronics, onboard computers, equipment for marking and ticketing and card terminals. Microelectronics systems daily checks-in 30 million passengers in nearly 30 countries worldwide.


NOVEM Car Interior Design, k.s.
German manufacturer of decorative components for car interiors. Among Novem's customers are more than 20 top car manufacturers.

Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions, s.r.o., člen koncernu TYCO
Tyco is one of the world's largest suppliers of security and fire systems. 



ADT Security Projects
Division of Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions Ltd., s.r.o.

Management, purchase and management of claims. 

Hospodářské noviny

Czech economic newspaper.

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