Zdeněk Maryško, MBA, director

After completing studies at the University of Economics in Prague, Zdeněk Maryško worked the financial sphere for many years in. During the first half of the 90‘s, he received an opportunity to introduce a new leasing company of a large Czech bank onto the market. Later he directed a leasing and credit company owned by the Santander Group. Thanks to this, Mr. Maryško has extensive experience with introducing new companies onto the market and with sales growth via leasing and credit loans.  


In 2004 Mr. Maryško founded CCF Consulting and became one of approximately 100 contract trainers of Swiss company Gustav Käser Training International which trains and coaches managers in 28 countries of the world.


Zdeněk Maryško also closely cooperates with LIGS University, where he directs the MBA Managerial University program.

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