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CCF Consulting s.r.o. is an educational and consulting company. Its aim is to aid clients in achieving set goals in their individual operational areas and increasing the efficiency of the company as a whole. CCF Consulting s.r.o. primarily focuses on educational activities which emphasize personal development of individual participants, the attainment of their goals, and their active engagement in the training. For this reason, attention is given to practicing skills and responses in situations which managers, businessmen and specialists face in their professional but also their personal lives.


CCF Consulting s.r.o. also offers consultancy which often precedes training activities, or alternatively follows their completion. This comprehensive service is made possible thanks to the wealth of managerial and professional experience of the executives of both managerial and consultancy projects.

The award for “Personality of the year 2010 in the field of education of adults” which has been presented to Zdeněk Maryško, the director of CCF Consulting, reflects the high commitment of CCF Consulting to deliver the highest quality of educational services.



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